Do I really feel like writing today?

You’re writing? That’s fantastic! Trust me, there’s no better feeling in the world, most of the time. Why do I say most of the time? Because there will be times that you don’t want to write and you will feel like it’s a chore and you don’t want to write. Do you know what I say to that?


That’s right, don’t write if you don’t feel like it. The reason why I say that is because if you don’t feel like writing, it will come through in the words that you put down. Sure, the first draft that anyone puts out isn’t all that spectacular to began with, but you don’t want to put out something intentionally bad knowing that you will have to go back and fix it anyway.

Almost anything you ready about writing will tell you to spend at least twenty minutes writing your piece a day. Okay, sure. But, what good is that if you have to go back and take out X amount of chapters and re-write it because it was something that your main character wouldn’t have done? Am I telling you not to write? Nope. I’m just telling you to make sure when you write something, make sure it’s something worth your time and effort. Quality now will save you headaches down the road.


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