Book Review: Heroes of Chance Creek Series (6 Book Series) By: Cora Seton

Four Stars

Heroes of Chance Creek

I will admit, this series hit on two of my buttons right away. One, it had a half-naked guy on the cover. And two, it has a military theme to it. Well, ok…three buttons, there’s a romance story thrown in as well.

The story begins with four brothers that are given a chance to save their family ranch, but they have to meet a few conditions before a year is up. All four brothers have to get married, one of the wives has to get pregnant, they have to fix up the family home, and they have to stock the ranch.

Sounds easy enough, right? Well, no story can be all rainbows and snowflakes. I really enjoyed the first book and getting the know the oldest Hall brother and his determination to earn back the family ranch and find a suitable wife. As the books went on, it felt like the same recipe (very good recipe, mind you) was used over and over again, just changed for each brother. The same elements remained constant throughout the series. I would have liked to have seen a bit more variety, more of the brothers’ personality come through.

I gave this entire series a four out of five because while there were redundant parts of the story line that were reused, I really did enjoy the overall story and I believe it does have a pretty high re-read value to it.

**Side Note: there’s also a Cowboys of Change Creek Series done by the same author. However, I just haven’t been sure if I really want to go to the cowboy side yet.


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