Blog Tour – A Word With Traci

I will be the first to admit that I am absolutely horrible when it comes to keeping up with my blog on a regular basis. I would like to make the promise that I will do better, but I don’t want to end up saying something and then regretting that. I’m going to just go with I’ll try to do better. The only consolation is that P.W. and I have been busy writing.

Now, for the reason of the blog!

I’ve been a member of Rave Review Book Club for a few months now. I cannot say enough good things about the members here! They have been incredibly supportive on social media and so very friendly. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some very nice people and talented authors. This group is comprised of indie authors supporting other indie authors. Not only that, they have different events that are going on constantly. One of them being the topic of today’s blog!

This month’s Blog Tour is run by RRBC’s members, Traci Sanders. She can be found at She is interviewing a different author each and every day of the month. Also, the author is choosing a different guest that is visiting the blog and leaving a comment to receive a gift, either a physical or digital copy of their written work. There have been some authors that have given everyone that has participated a digital copy of their novels. I look forward to stopping by every day to read about the authors and finding out a little more about them. I’ve joined new groups on FaceBook because of it and have won eight books for my Kindle collection. If you haven’t found a Blog Tour to be a part of, I highly recommend hopping aboard Traci’s tour and getting to know these authors and the work they do, you won’t regret it!


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