Fantasy Casting (Guest Post by Author P.I. Barrington)

I completely agree. I 99% of the time will write up a character bio, with picture, while I’m plotting and planning to help me visualize everything.

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How do you see your characters? Do you just make up what someone looks like generally or are they specifically described? Or, as me and a quite a few other authors, will tell you, fantasy casting (using real people or particular looking people) is quite helpful in determining who your character is and what they look like. Fantasy casting (not my term but a great one) can help in more than one way, especially if you use it often or use it in various ways. Here is how I cast my characters & subsequent personalities:

  1. Search the web before you start character description. Why? Because looking at the picture many times will give you an idea of what their personalities will, could or should be and how and who you imagine as that character. It can assist you in developing storyline or plot or even subplots.

  2. Help your publisher help…

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