If Wearable Technology Existed For Writers – 11 Uses #writers #writerslife


Imagine if writer wearable technology existed?

Imagine the fun we would all have if there were writer equivalents to Fitbits?

In the same way we are wearing high powered wristbands to monitor our body metrics, exercise output, sleep patterns and to remind us of key activities, we could also wear a special wristband and get writing stuff monitored…

Here are 10 uses of a writer wristband:

  1. The writer wristband could alert the writer when their word count rate is dropping…sigh!
  2. A writer wristband could monitor a writer’s creativity and emotional levels.
  3. A writer could use their wristband to monitor their blood pressure and heart rate during key writing activities such as editing and rewriting. I don’t think there will be any surprises here for any of us.
  4. The writer wristband could monitor the writer’s social media metrics and inform them of useful insight like tweeting too much or not tweeting…

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