How To Stay Positive When Writer Friends Are Having Some Success #writers #writerhabits


As I have said before on this blog writer friends are special human beings. They are great for moral support, sharing of ideas, having a creative giggle with and understanding your creative side.

So, when your writer friend emails you or tweets about their latest literary success it can feel like a kick in the literary guts.

Suddenly you feel like you are being left behind and out stomps your literary green-eyed monster.

You don’t want to read anymore about how fantastic your writer friend is feeling right now. All you want to do is sit in a corner, kick the litter bin, have a large gin & tonic and weep!

Cue your favourite literary green-eyed monster phrases:

‘Its so unfair their book is doing well and mine is still unfinished?’

‘I don’t have any literary luck!’

‘I can’t believe a literary agent is interested in her – what about…

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