10 Things Every First-Time Self-Publishing Author Should Know

While writing Free of Malice was a labor of love, as a first time self-published author, I have learned that writing the book is just the beginning. Taking the manuscript to final product, distribution and promotion are just as important. Hopefully my Top 10 tips will make the journey a little easier for others who... Continue Reading →

Write Better Fiction: Characters in a Scene – too few/too many?


Today on Write Better Fiction we’ll cover the Characters In A Scene. Write Better Fiction is a process to help you critique your own manuscript and give yourself feedback. This will help you improve your novel, so you’re ready to submit it to an editor. Check the bottom of this post for links to previous Write Better Fiction articles.

We’ve discussed using our spreadsheet to balance the number of scenes the protagonist and antagonist are in. But what about other characters? There is a columns for that too.

In the column called characters, list all characters in the scene. This includes characters that don’t have a name. The bartender, the skier, the person on the street, etc. I include animals as characters. The animal may or may not have a name. If you’ve read DESCENT, you know Chica is a character that is a yellow labrador. In BLAZE, a grizzly…

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To re-blog or not re-blog, re-spun.

Eric's blog

Man working at office desk, looking at computer and scratching head Man working at office desk, looking at computer and scratching head

In looking at old post and re-spinning them, I have had a look at this one. First off I was shocked at the number of mistakes, even the title was wrong it was supposed to read to re-blog or not re-blog but for some reason I put to blog or not blog. However, it did create a very interesting discussion subsequently I have changed my view and added an extra bit at the bottom!

Just to be very clear I’m not taking a pop at blogs that re-post other people’s work, I follow a couple of those and they are very useful way of finding new blogs. My blog isn’t that type of blog I wanted it to be a platform for me to practice my writing. So far I’m very happy with how it is going.

I’m very…

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Blog Posts – How To Appreciate Them #bloggers #blogs #blogging

How To Appreciate A Blog Post

Blog posts are great!

They can be:

  • Easy to access and you can read them anywhere (WiFi permitting).
  • Short and sweet compared to magazines and books.
  • Informative and full of useful stuff.
  • Beautiful to look at.
  • Uplifting and inspiring.

It is only when you start a blog that you understand how much hard work goes into putting together regular blog posts.

There are some really easy and simple ways you can show your blog post appreciation.

You are probably asking ‘why?’

Well here are some reasons:

  • They will put a smile on the blogger’s face.
  • Make all those hard blogging moments seem worth it.
  • Encourage them to write more good posts.
  • Every bit of appreciation they get from blog readers helps build their confidence and you never know where this might take them.

It doesn’t take much to show your appreciation but what you do goes a long way!


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No Wasted Ink Writer’s Links

How to Name Your Characters

Rachel Poli

Naming Your Characters: First Names

Your name is part of what makes you you. That’s no different from the characters in your story.

Some people say that names aren’t important. It’s the description and development throughout the story that creates loveable, relateable characters.

I think names are pretty important as well. Plus, they’re a lot of fun.

There are two ways I come up with names for my characters:

1. I check the meanings behind them.

I love to look up various names and check their meanings. It makes the character feel more one with the story, if that makes any sense.

I think it shows that you put thought into the name of your character. It shows that your character is important to the plot somehow. It’s like the Story Gods have chosen that name for your character because they have a big destiny to fulfill–which is your plot.

For example, in the…

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Ronovan Hester on how to create a character…and a brand new book!

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Ronovan Hester is a familiar face around here… many know him through his Lit World Interviews site, as well as for the weekly writing prompts he hosts on his own blog, Ronovan Writes, including the Haiku Challenge. He is an indefatigable supporter of Indie writers and reviewers.

Lately Ronovan has embarked upon a new adventure and, with P.S. Bartlett, author of the Razor’s Adventures Pirate Tales, has just launched a new book: Amber Wake: Gabriel Falling… and to celebrate the launch, there is a chance to win a Kindle Fire too…

Amber Wake

First, I wish to give a big thank you to Sue Vincent for time on her site for my first ever book blog tour. Second, how to come up with something to write about for author Sue Vincent’s blog in regards to my own book? That’s like asking Sylvester Stallone to teach an art class…

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