4 Tips on Writing a Great Novel

Nicholas C. Rossis

It’s Sunday and it’s raining –again-, so it’s a good opportunity to write. I know what you are thinking: it rains A LOT in Athens –it must be the third or fourth Sunday that I mention it has been raining. Amazingly enough, it seems that the weather is choosing very carefully when to rain and when to destroy some well-thought, perfectly-laid plan involving BBQs and/or walks in the forest with the dog. In fact, I know that tomorrow we will have some fantastic sunshine!

Anyway, I was reading this io9 post about how to write a great fiction novel, and it gave me the idea for this post.  So, what do you need to write a great story?  To me, it is the following four steps that are the most important:

Have an idea

Oh yes, the idea. Mine came as I was reading an ancient historian who was describing the…

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