Write Better Fiction: The Antagonist


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Today on Write Better Fiction we’ll cover the Antagonist. Write Better Fiction is a process to help you critique your own manuscript and give yourself feedback. This will help you improve your novel, so you’re ready to submit it to an editor. Check the bottom of this post for links to previous Write Better Fiction articles.

This is similar to last week’s post except you are looking at when your antagonist shows up in your novel instead of the protagonist.

The antagonist should show up early and be visible throughout the novel. This doesn’t mean they can’t disappear for a while, but controlling the appearances will give you power to create the most tension.

The antagonist may or may not have the point of view in any scene. That’s a choice for you to make. In the thriller genre you may be pitting your protagonist…

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I'm a wife, mother, and author. My husband is my co-author and we moved to the Greater Atlanta Metro area in the summer of 2014. While I have always written some, I didn't turn it into anything serious until after my diagnosis with MS in early 2015. Since then, I have focused a lot on what I wanted to get done, verses things I had just been putting off until "later".

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