Writers – 10 Reasons Why It Is Good To Be Unique #writers #writer #writerslife



  1. Having a unique view of the world makes great story telling.
  2. Having unique ideas for stories will differentiate your work.
  3. Viewing yourself as unique means that you dare to accept yourself as different and lose some of your writer insecurities.
  4. Developing your own unique writing voice helps readers identify with you and will add magic to your work.
  5. To be unique we have to believe in ourselves and this is when the real writing magic starts. Once you believe in yourself as a writer you start to write new things, experiment with different genres and take creative risks.
  6. Everyone has led a different life. As a writer you will have a load of unique life experiences to draw upon and use within your work.
  7. Being unique means you write for yourself and don’t imitate others. You stay true to yourself.
  8. Being unique helps you stand out from the literary crowd.

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