Writes and Wrongs #2: Basic Dialogue Punctuation


Laissez Faire

When you teach you learn.

First, I want to take a tangent.  If you don’t want to read my introduction drivel, click here.

I believe in those above words.  Out of all the things I have learned and done over the years, the ones that stick are the things that I have taught to others and gone out of my way to research for the benefit of others.   On the other hand, because I am an educator, I sometimes see things written wrong so often I unknowingly take on the quirks.  It’s similar to how I have absorbed some of my husband’s redneck pronunciations to the point where people ask me more often where I’m from even though I have lived in this area my whole life!   My accent for the area has always been a bit odd because I read so much as a kid, but now it…

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