Character Development: Armed and Dangerous

Writing in Real Time

It’s about 4:30 in the Morning as I type this, probably even later once I finally post it. Why would I be up at such an ungodly hour if I didn’t need to? Simple, my sleep cycle’s been off lately due to night hours at the Day Job and a bug that I seem to have picked up and am heroically fighting off. Seriously, we’re talking swords and shields here. 😉


Today, I want to briefly touch on the subject of how to arm your characters. Now, depending on a variety of factors, that could entail a wide range of selections. In my opinion, weaponry can be grouped into the following categories, but must be considered interchangeable This is not an all-inclusive list so feel free to add. I should note that I am not including the use of Magic in this discussion, but it is valid to note…

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