How To Be A Productive Writer – Guest Post By The Very Polific Barbara Tarn

Dan Alatorre - AUTHOR

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First of all, let me thank Dan for having me. When he heard how prolific I am, he asked me for a guest post on how to be prolific… although I might not be the greatest teacher on the planet. But I’ll do my best. I can at least share how I do it.

Who am I? Well, first of all, I’m not a young writer, since I’m half a century. I’ve been writing since my teens, which doesn’t mean that everything I wrote is worth publishing. Quite the opposite. Some of those stories were totally dreadful, but I had a lot of fun writing them. You know the theory of “one million words of crap”? I wrote those and more before I came out of my writing cave, wondering why publishers weren’t knocking at my door. Duh.

Now, I come from the age of the typewriter. With…

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