The new site…and blog

I can’t tell everyone how much their support has meant to me. Following me on this blog has been amazing. However, you may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging here as much. There is a reason for that.

I have been on a quest for some time now to find the perfect place to call “home” on the internet. I’ve blogged about it a few times, how I’ve flipped and flopped from one site to the other in an effort to find the most user friendly place that had all the bells and whistles that I wanted. While WordPress is certainly the most user-friendly when it comes to blogging and re-blogging, it wasn’t what I wanted in terms of webpages and “Author’s presence”.

I want to invite each and every one of you to please join me on my new site, I have a blog over there that I have been updating like crazing. While it’s not as simple to re-blog there (have to do it manually), I am still sharing mountains of content that I find and I want to share it with everyone. Please let me know what you think. I value everyone’s opinion!

Thank you all for following me. I’ll still be lurking around WordPress, as so many fantastic writers and authors are still here.




10 thoughts on “The new site…and blog

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  1. Love the new site, Jennifer! It is better to have your own domain name. I have a WordPress blog and I have my domain name site (also WordPress) where I link them to each other. Once you get it setup, WordPress is just easier to update. I have been thinking about changing my domain theme though.


  2. I’ll try to remember to pop in now and then. I’m so used to the WordPress sites that shoot out a notification when I sign up. BTW, Mail Chimp is great for newsletter sign-ups. I use it for mine and love it!

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  3. It worked! It took me to your newsletter sign-up form. Odd….apparently, I was already signed up, but I reconfirmed, so I think all is good. Thanks for being patient with me, LOL


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