Should you write a fancy outline for your novel?

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Maybe- Maybe not.

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It’s your book, you make the rules.

Different strokes for different folks. Me, I’m trying to be more organized in my writing this year. Only time will tell if I’m successful. LOL

However, I find outlining is a bit of a mystery. spirit-1272923_640

Outlining an unwritten book is weird because you don’t know what will happen. It’s not the same as outlining a book read for a class assignment. No the formal process of outlining a book ideais as foreign to me as Spanish or French. I know just enough to embarrass myself.

Last week I announced to my friend, with much excitement,  I’d finished outlining my first novel. I was stumped for a second when she asked me how many levels I used. Huh? Levels? Like in… I, A, 1, a, ii….

None. Nada, zip. I didn’t use any. Instead, I let the story unfold in my head and then…

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Words of Wisdom From Author Kim Cox

The Indie Spot!

Greetings, readers! Today I am welcoming author Kim Cox to The Indie Spot. Kim is sharing some of her experiences as a writer—in her own words! Take it away, Kim…

My Writing Style


Writing Techniques

I don’t think I have any writing techniques. I don’t do any of the things good writers should or are supposed to do. I don’t write every day, don’t set a certain time to write. If there is a certain time, it’s late at night. I seem to be more creative at night, and I’m not a morning person anyway. That may come from working third shift for a while when I was younger.

I don’t have a space where I write. I used to but my home office went away when we made it into a bedroom for my mother-in-law. I think we’d planned to put a smaller desk in my library but…

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3 quick book marketing tips.

Lizzie Chantree

I am starting a new series on my blog from articles I have read during the week. I will post 3 quick marketing tips for authors and they will change each Monday. Let the fun begin!

Lizzie Chantree books Twitter Ad quote

1.   The title of your book.

This may sound obvious, but the title and subtitle of your book also work as keywords on Amazon.  If you can’t use any  keywords in the title, try adding some to the subtitle as this raises the searchable value of your book.

2.  Add keywords to your book description. 

Your book description should draw your readers to your story, but adding keywords here helps new readers find your book easier. The keywords are highlighted here for a book I made up about Romance, travel, exotic beaches and the stars.

For example:

Rose and Alfie ditched their jobs and decided that flying halfway across the world would help…

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Sunday Blog Share: How to explode with ideas for your sequel

Myths of the Mirror

 This is the best article I’ve read on how to come up with ideas for a sequel or series. I highly recommend it for any authors toying with the idea!

How to explode with ideas for your sequel

by Alecia Akkalon

I decided to write a sequel for my WIP, and in days I went from having no idea what it might be about to having dozens of ideas. Here’s how.

I try to avoid writing “how to” posts because I’m generally of the opinion that I know nothing about anything. This post is more “how I got lots of ideas for a sequel”.

(Sorry I deceived you with the title. I feel awful about it.)

I’ve always considered my work in progress to be a “stand-alone with series potential”. That is, the main story question is answered by the end of the book, and at least one of…

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