Characters Also Need A Soul: 5 Tips to Write Interesting Characters

A Writer's Path

by Cátia Isabel Silva

When you’re imagining a story, creating the characters for it is just another part of the job. It’s almost automatic, the way they get into your mind, showing you what they look like, how they think, yet, putting those things down on paper isn’t always as obvious or easy to do.

I’m not talking about poor writing skills here, no. They can be well written and yet, not appear interesting at all or straight up unappealing. So, what can you do?

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10 outline techniques for writers

1000storyideas: With this post I listed 10 outline techniques to help writes move their story from a basic idea to a complete set of arcs, plots, sequences and/or scenes. Or to simply expand whatever you have in hands right now. If you have a vague story idea or a detailed one, this post is for... Continue Reading →

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