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Good Morning, everyone! I just finished my edit (the real one this time!) of my first Novel, Generations Beyond. I help spread the excitement that I'm feeling, I want to offer up a sample of the novel. If you've been looking at the book and wondering "Is this something I would like?", let me help... Continue Reading →

Blog Advice 1: Increasing Your Traffic

Suzie Speaks

How to increase traffic to your blog

One of the most common questions I am asked by fellow bloggers is, in my opinion, one of the most difficult to provide a definitive answer to:

How do I increase the traffic that I receive to my blog?

Before I begin, I think that it is important to note three crucial points:

  • Building a following and, consequently increasing your traffic, takes lots of time and effort. You are extremely unlikely to receive thousands, or even hundreds of views simply by pressing the publish button.
  • Content is key. Well-written posts will draw new people in, and encourage them to visit again. Posting page after page of inspirational quotes looks pretty, but will leave your audience bored after a while. Be yourself, make no apologies and believe in what you are creating.
  • I am not an expert, nor have I ever claimed to be.

I know very little about SEO, so…

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