Projects: Generations Series


Generations Beyond
Project: Generations
Book One

Hidden, buried deep within the government’s archived files of failed military experiments lays a troubling secret. For years, 1953 to 1972 to be exact, a team of doctors and scientists tried unsuccessfully to alter test subjects, hoping to build living, organic weapons for the future. Eventually the project was disbanded, labeled an abject failure – but they were wrong – it just took the passage of time and altered DNA.

Now, years later, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the original test pool are different, superior, and dangerous. Project Generations was spawned, a systematic collecting, or scrubbing, of an experiment gone awry. The Generations are hunted, collected, and eliminated before someone discovers the key to controlling them…or perhaps someone already has.

Clouded in secrecy, a General is tasked with the daunting assignment of hoarding or wiping out the past by destroying their future. Captain Christina Aarons, a cursed Generation, is dispatched by the General to locate a new partner, Captain Jonathan Cross, himself the recipient of special abilities. Together the duo battle time, the General, their attraction to one another, and unseen forces to block the laboratory testing and genocide of their brothers and sisters.


Generations Unbound
Project: Generations
Book Two

LA. Montana. Virginia. Colorado. Jonathan Cross must find a new home for himself and his new charge, Gabriela DeLuna, after the tragic events that shattered his world. The decorated Special Forces Army Captain must learn a new skill set, how to blend in with his new cover as an older brother to Gabriela and keep her safe after an attempt was made for her. Who is after her and why? Do they know where they are?

After Gabriela makes a shocking discovery, Jonathan’s circle continues to splinter around him. Trusts are betrayed, lines are crossed, and the word family is pushed to the limit. Jonathan is driven to make the devastating decision to run and keep Gabriela or be forced into doing something he knows isn’t right but has to be done before the opportunity slips through his fingers. Will he finally be able to confront Penn?

Generations Unbound, the second book in the Project: Generations Series will answer questions while still leave you guessing and take you on a journey and keep you hanging on until the last sentence. Grab your copy today and follow the breadcrumb trail left behind by Christina Aarons.

Generations Gone
Project: Generations
Book Three





Two years before Christina met Jonathan, she was over in Europe. Officially, she was stationed there, receiving orders from Penn. Unofficially, she was uncovering the truth of what happened to their grandparents and great-grandparents. What she found was nothing like she expected, both on her hunt for the truth and the man that is doing this best to work his way into her life and heart.

Join me on this adventure to find answers, friendship, and the true beginnings of it all for Christina Aarons. The one problem? She has to leave it all safe and secured before she returns to the US without her memories of Europe.


Caleb Harris has been in the U.S. Army since he was eighteen. During that time his wife, Mia, has always been by his side or waiting for him to return home.

As a sniper in the Special Forces, Caleb has traveled more with the military in the last eight years than most people will in their lifetime. During those travels, he has heard stories about a sniper, a ghost, that has been racking up a high body count with complete anonymity. No one knows where this mysterious sniper comes from, what country they work for, and what their agenda is. Caleb gathered all the informaiton he can find to track this person down.

Will Caleb be able to keep his and Mia’s genetic gifts a secret while he hunts this ghost? In the end, will it be worth the cost?  How much is he willing to lose over this obsession?

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Sasha and Greyson had it all… money, careers on the Silver Screen, and the life everyone always dreamed of. Greyson’s best friend, Cameron, doesn’t like how Sasha is taming his wing man. However, things in L.A. can always change in an instant. When the big one hits and lives are shattered forever, will it be enough to send Sasha back over the edge to the dark world of addiction that she fought so hard to claw her way out of before? Will Cameron be there to help her up or kick her back down?

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